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Due to its pursuit for relentless and unceasing innovation, Senrysa Technologies has garnered numerous awards and recognition from across the industry. To innovate is to evolve and with this mantra, we are ready to build and implement ground-breaking solutions for billions of lives.

India’s Greatest Brands and Leaders

6th May 2018

The Esteemed Asia One Magazine awarded Senrysa Technologies with the prestigious “India’s Greatest Brands and Leaders 2017-18” Award at India’s Greatest Brands and Leaders 2017-18 Awards and Summit. As a brand, Senrysa has traversed a long way with scalable solutions across industrial verticals making complex operational modules much easier to handle. Asia One accepts Senrysa’s valuable contribution in this frontier by awarding it with this much-acclaimed Award!

Fintech Summit 2016 At SOFITEL

17th December 2016

The CEO is awarded for his commendable inputs as the Honourable Speaker at ICC Fintech Summit 2016 hosted by the Indian Chamber of Commerce on 17th December, 2016 at Mumbai. Senrysa’s widespread innovation and smart technology implementation in BFSI has made it a significant player in the Financial Technology scene. Mr. Kumar P Saha is therefore, considered as a stalwart in this genre and his valuable inputs on this subject is highly sought after by dignitaries and elements from across the industrial and business world.

Senrysa has established itself as a leader

3rd March 2016

Senrysa Technologies attended the 12th Annual Banking Summit-Cum-Social banking Excellence Awards 2016 hosted by ASSOCHAM, India. The main theme of the event was Digital Payments/ Banking where Senrysa has established itself as a leader.

Innovation in Business Model

23rd january 2016

Senrysa Technologies bagged the award for “Innovation in Business Model, 2015” at ET Bengal Corporate Awards held in the same year. Senrysa’s relentless drive towards innovation has made it a highly significant player in the Indian IT business scenario. The core objective of Senrysa lies in building solutions that can effect more than billion lives and hence, this award respects our commitment to evolution.

ELETS Gujarat Cooperatives Summit

1st June 2015

Senrysa Technologies joins ELETS Gujarat Co-operatives Summit 2015 as Associate Sponsor. Mr. Kumar P Saha is commemorated as honourable Speaker in the Banking and Finance domain in the same. This one-day forum/ conference is designed to focus on bringing together the co-operatives in agriculture, dairy and banks. The honourable CEO was commemorated for his wide-spread involvement and championing of the Financial Inclusion Initiatives.

Gen Next Summit

26th June 2015

Mr. Kumar P Saha gets commemorated by the CEO of Chhattisgarh Infotech Promotion Society or CHIPS at the Gen Next Summit 2015. This esteemed event hosted by the IT cell of the Chhattisgarh State govt. commemorates the contribution of Senrysa Technologies with its initiatives in Financial Inclusion and Branchless Banking Solutions. His perseverance has rendered the essential involvement of Senrysa in the escalation of the process and rendering its impact on the masses. Senrysa is proud to call him its greatest leader!

MSME Financing & Strengthening

30th September, 2015

The ICC or Indian Chamber of Commerce awarded Senrysa Technologies with the esteemed MSME Financing & Strengthening MSME Linkages award at the 6th national Conference & Round Table Meetings held on 30th September, 2015. With comprehensive solutions in Financial Technologies, Senrysa Technologies proves to be the ideal candidate as winner for this comprehensive category.

Smart City- Smarter West Bengal

27th November, 2015

Mr. Kumar P Saha, the honourable CEO and MD of Senrysa Technologies is commemorated for his participation as Speaker in “Smart City- Smarter West Bengal”, an event organized by Governance Today in association with the Urban Development Department, Government of West Bengal held on 27th November, 2015. The CEO’s active involvement in the development and implementation of innovative, technology-based solutions for the State has made him an iconic figure of the State Government’s development initiatives.

3rd FIPS Conference

3rd December 2015

Mr. Kumar P Saha renders valuable inputs as the honourable speaker at the 3rd FIPS Conference. Financial Inclusion and Payment Systems or FIPS is an annual conference hosted by BFSI major ELETS online in order to render insights into the Financial Inclusion initiatives and developments associated with the same. The CEO’s years of experience in this domain with incredible insight into the ground-level implementation and effectiveness has made him the ideal choice as the Honourable Speaker at the Conference.

The Digital Payments India Conclave

9th December 2015

Senrysa Technologies joins the premium B2b networking platform as Associate Partner at Digital Payments India Conclave, Dec 2015. The Digital Payments India Conclave is a prestigious annual conference where developments and innovations in the field of financial technologies and digital payment solutions are discussed and rewarded. Senrysa Technologies is proud to be a part of this drive as the Associate Sponsor of this esteemed event.

Branchless Banking Channels in rural India

3rd December 2015

Senrysa Technologies gets featured by DQ India for its successful implementation of Branchless Banking Channels in rural India. The efforts and initiatives of Senrysa in Financial Inclusion and Branchless Banking Solutions in rural India is appreciated by another major online publication and news portal.

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CloudGov Award

9th june 2014

Senrysa Technologies is awarded with the Prestigious CloudGov Award, 2014 from ELETS for its ground-breaking innovations and solutions in Cloud Computing. Due to its break-through initiatives of rendering governmental services over strategic cloud based deployment, Senrysa wins this award and its efforts are recognised by ELETS in the same.

Financial Inclusion Solution

9th june 2014

ELETS Online awarded Certificate of Recognition to Senrysa Technologies for the project Financial Inclusion Solution at the annual FIPS Conference, 2014. Held in Delhi and hosted by ELETS Online, Senrysa Technologies is honoured to get rewarded for its sincere efforts and pledge to commit its full support to the large-scale implementation of this noble initiative

PAN India development

1st July 2014

Channel Times has also covered the Roadmap of Growth of Senrysa extensively considering it as a valuable channel for PAN India development.

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Banking Services to the Remote Areas

17th September 2014

Channel Times, a leading News and information platform of the IT industry features Senrysa Technology for its successful efforts in taking Banking Services to the Remote Areas of North East India. More than 60 percent of Indians were considered to have little or no relation with the Nation’s banking and financial services/ initiatives. Senrysa’s successful efforts in the implementation of the Government’s initiative of Financial Inclusion is a step forward towards the effective inclusion of the entire Indian demography in its economic map

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Financial Inclusion with innovative ICT solutions

11th September 2014

Mr. Kumar P Saha, the CEO, MD and unequable force behind Senrysa gets featured by CXO daily, a leading online leadership information publisher for his role in expanding the outreach of Financial Inclusion with innovative ICT solutions. Being a natural leader, he is the inevitable factor behind Senrysa’s success. His efforts to render a large-scale impact in a revolutionary initiative like Financial Inclusion is well appreciated across the Industry.

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Banking Services to the Remote Areas

17th September 2014

Senrysa Technologies got featured by, a leading English Broadsheet Daily owned by Essel Group. It marks the wide-spread recognition of Senrysa’s efforts and success in the implementation of Financial Inclusion initiatives. The article highlights the necessity for banks to involve in Financial Inclusion and how a constructive approach with a company like Senrysa can help in the large-scale inclusion of all Indians in the Economic map.

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The efforts and achievements of Senrysa

12th June 2014

The efforts and achievements of Senrysa Technologies in the areas of mass outreach project implementation, Financial Inclusion, Direct Benefit Transfer Projects, Branchless Banking and Omni-channel Ecommerce products gets featured by leading IT business news portal Senrysa takes active participation to large-scale implementation of social and government initiatives to render the most effective outreach to the same.

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Senrysa joined the well-acclaimed internet

24-25th October 2013

Senrysa joined the well-acclaimed internet and print media based information magazine major, ELETS Online event, the FIPS 2013 as Associate Sponsor. The Financial Inclusion and Payment Systems or FIPS 2013 is a widely recognised event where dignitaries from across the industry meet up to discuss and build further upon the various innovations and developments in the Financial Technologies domain. Senrysa is proud to associate itself with such a prestigious event and looks forward to channelize this association in a productive manner for the whole financial industry!

Senrysa Technologies participant in the “Financial Inclusion”

11th May 2011

Senrysa Technologies was a proud participant in the “Financial Inclusion” Conference hosted by ICC or Indian Chamber of Commerce held at Agartala, Tripura. Mr. Kumar P Saha’s efforts to uplift digitalization of financial processes and last mile delivery and inclusion of Indians in Banking services was commemorated by ICC with an Award. The conference was held in 11th of May, 2011 and marked a significant milestone in the beginning of the journey of Senrysa Technologies