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Mobility & Enterprise Solutions

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Most businesses choose mobility to ensure faster, easier and prompt communication and empowered business structures. We offer services that are in line with Enterprise Mobility Management more popularly known as EMM, bringing out a seamless management of technology enabled wireless networks, mobile devices and other high-end computing devices.

IT enabled business transformations within workplaces have led to a big competitive emergence of the business sector.

Mobility improves workforce management. Workplaces undergoing complete digital transformations choose mobility to ensure better security, stronger employee contribution, lesser data loss, improvement of services and actions. We at Senrysa develop, innovate, strategize and position ourselves with added vigour to suit ourselves with the changing trend.

Enterprise mobility quite simply refers to a big pool of mobile devices, mobile applications for workplace and workforce management, mobile workers, flexibility and easy availability of corporate big data.

A better productive workplace ensures bigger business success. Stronger engagement of customers with business houses help organizations grow. Our innovation and powerful impact of mobility on user, customers and overall management of enterprises include areas such as:

Consumer Applications:

  1. Support
  2. Engagement
  3. Commerce
  4. Customer Loyalty and ROI
  5. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Enterprise Applications for:

  1. Workforce Automation
  2. Field-Force Productivity
  3. Single Sign on (SSO) and Security
  4. Collaboration
  5. Dashboards for insights and action

With paradigm shifts taking place in the world of mobile technologies businesses around the world are fast resorting to developing, enhancing, managing and immediate and vast changes.

We manage mobile applications and ensure better user engagement and user experience across a wide variety of applications. Our mobile application development includes variety and high-end user experience. We ensure:

  1. Enjoyable User Experience (UX) / Engagement
  2. Personalized Content and Information
  3. Community, Engagement, Marketing & Loyalty
  4. Productivity and Workflow
  5. Easy Navigation and Application Management
  6. Dedicated Support Services
  7. Deeply integrated with Enterprise Systems
  8. Faster Transactions/Commerce
  9. Vertical Focused

We offer a wide umbrella of mobile enterprise services:

  1. Mobile Advisory Services
  2. Mobile Quality Assurance (QA) Services
  3. Mobile Application Development Services
  4. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
  5. Mobile + IoT
  6. Mobile Analytics