Our slow and steady growth in New Age Rural Retail Frontiers

In the present times when connectivity and mobility are at their peak we are able to buy, shop and expect product deliveries anytime anywhere. Virtual buying is a larger reality and this is where retail distributors like us come into picture.

Being a leading rural retailer for the past one decade, we believe in transforming the barriers between real and virtual. We are proud to have a large network of existing Loyalists, massive reach in rural India and a solid market report to back us in our rural retail distribution mechanism.

Our smart mix of online payment and offline doorstep delivery system defines our customer relations and integrates the overall shopping experience. As a growing name in O2O (online to offline) commerce, Senrysa’s Next Door Hub model brings millions of unbanked and underserved population into the realm of real world stores.

We are now a pan-Indian retail distribution name that delivers Banking, Insurance, E-commerce, B2C and B2B services. We also have partnerships with topnotch Insurance, Logistics, technology and commercial companies to create an environment of massive social inclusion that includes rural and urban India in accessing cost-effective quality products and services.

We aim to become the topmost ecommerce service providers where ever-growing sales channels reach a nationwide customer base.

Our social inclusion goals and measures are:

  • Education for all.
  • Generating Income potential for the masses.
  • Eradicating deprivation.
  • Housing Solutions.
  • Enriched Health Benefits.
  • Employment Opportunities.

Our game changing approach in retail distribution model brings forward an evolution in rural distribution systems that include barefoot agents, syndicated distribution, corporate linkage, extension counters and privileged relationship between customer and the retailer. We aim to introduce availability of products, competitive advantage, collaborative distribution channels and high penetration in rural areas of India.  Our prime focus will always remain in achieving social inclusion at a national level. This will also fulfill our goal of transforming small scale manufacturers to become dealers.

Senrysa’s Next Door Hub business model establishes promotion, opportunities and co-operative marketing and operation. Societies need to be well-organized and our efforts in extensive social inclusion carries forward a bigger dream of ‘A Growing India’. We utilize potential markets to feed our rural retail distribution and attract change in consumer behavior and demand gratification.