IoT Fast Evolving to meet Today’s Business Demands

IoT (Internet of things) is the most talked about subject both in the personal world as well as in the business world as it has a major influence on today’s lifestyle because it impacts not only the lives of people today only but also how they work?

IoT has gradually developed over the years from the confluence of the internet, wireless technologies, MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) and micro services.

Some of the integral and vital in the scheme of things pertaining to IoT are as follows-:

Connectivity -: The Internet of Things (IoT) relies heavily on network infrastructure for meeting modern day demands. The three pillars for carrying IoT applications are high-speed connections, integrated security, and low latency response. Therefore it is imperative for every organization to adopt a flexible and scalable wired and wireless network infrastructure. This would help set-up IoT applications anywhere from the cloud to the network edge with fog computing.

Key challenges to keep connectivity intact in IoT

  • Signalling

Bi – directional signaling plays a very significant role in the success of IoT for routing of all data between devices. Senrysa has achieved considerable success in implementation of IoT for uninterrupted streaming of reliable data.

  • Security

“Integrated Security plays an important role in Cyber security because it not helps in keeping a check throughout the network but also helps in increasing visibility. Some important aspects of integrated security are as follows.

a.) Encryption: It is an important aspect as there is a need to build reliable encryption for both servers and connecting devices.

b.) Authorization: It is imperative and critical that as part of IoT technology, every user must be aware that any data streaming out at any time out of server or device should be authorized one.

c.) Open ports: Installation of Bi-directional communication is important as it helps to prevent open ports exposed to the internet.

  • Power consumption

Power consumption is very crucial and a very big challenge since a large number of devices that make up an IoT are connected on 24 X 7 basis. This puts an added pressure on CPU power consumption and in order to prevent the battery of a device from draining out a robust network is required.

  • Detection of presence

Detection of presence is important as it helps to keep an eye on the network. Any breakdown in any IoT device does take time to detect unless and until a proper system is in place to detect when a device goes offline in a network. To sum up, presence detection is very vital and proactive step in the scheme of IoT for monitoring purpose the exact status of all connected device.

  • Bandwidth

It is important to keep a tab on the bandwidth consumption of all devices connected to a network. In today’s business scenario where millions of devices remain connected throughout the day, it is of prime importance to maintain a large tightly knit network which helps in seamless data transfer. It is important to devise ways to maintain strict monitoring as the number of gadgets shall multiply manifold in the years to come.



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