The battle between Android and iOS

Over the recent years, Smartphone market has been a space for extreme race between Android and iOS. Users, developers and marketers are fighting for the ultimate winning title (as the leader of any two of the platforms). According to 2015 and 2016’s market research Android seems to be on the top spot.

Other related reports have suggested that the two players account for more than 96.7% of the entire mobile industry. This is surely a compelling figure.

Gartner is a very popular market research and analysis firm. It has released the following information on the smartphone market in 2016.

These are two of the most popular platforms (consider calling them giants) that have turned the entire app marketplace into a battle ground. They have reportedly taken over the smartphone industry with data usage being reported as having 99.1% score.

Android is winning the race by defeating iOS with huge market domination in the phase between 2015 – 2016.

The major reasons (as held responsible for the dominant market position) behind Android’s winning score is its easy device compatibility (and availability), familiarity, openness, usability and fast (and user-friendly) software upgrades. However, what makes iOS stand apart from Android is its offering of best features and services.

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